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Academic Calendar 2014-15
Date Day Event
June 9, 2014 Monday Reopening of the department after Summer break  
June 9,2014 Monday Planning for Term  
July 15, 2014 Tuesday Departmental Meeting  
September5, 2014 Friday Teacher’s day celebration  
September9, 2014 Tuesday Guest Lecture- “Research Methodology and Comparative literature’
by Head & Prof. Jagdish Gurjar, veer Narmad south Gujarat
University, Surat.  
September19, 2014 Friday Vicharmanch, discussion on “ Literary forms” by students of M.A. I,II  
October 3, 2014 Friday Guest Lecture- “Gandhi Tarpan Ane Gandhi Pachinu Bharat” by Shri Jitendra Dave (Eminent speaker of Gandhian studies)  
October20, 2014 Monday Departmental Meeting and  Submission of project of M.A.I, II  
October26, 2014   Term End  
October 27, 2014 to  November 2,2014   Diwali Vacation
November 3,2014 Monday Departmental Meeting  
November 5, 2014 Wednesday Semester II EXAM  
November 25,2014 Monday Semester I Exam  
December 16,2014 Tuesday Advisory Meeting – SAP-DRS-Phase-III, UGC  
December 29 ,2014 to January 03, 2015   Christmas Break, (Midterm )
January 5, 2015 Monday Reopening      
January 15, 2015 Thursday One day National Seminar on” Madhyakalin  Sahitya ane premlakshana Bhakti” in collaboration with Shri Javerchand Meghani loksahitya Kendra, saurastra University, Rajkot.  
January 17, 2015 Saturday MOU With Shri Javerchand Meghani Loksahitya Kendra, Saurastra University, Rajkot.  
January 29 to 31, 2015 Friday to Monday Study Tour and Field visit to Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidhyanagar, Anand, Gujarat, to attend National Seminar on “ Inter- Art Relationship of folk Arts” with Ph.D. and M.A. Students.  
February 12, 2015 Thuresday One day National Seminar on "Narivaad : concept, History and Philosophy” (Under SAP-DRS-Phase-III,UGC)  
February 21,22,23 2015 Sat, Sun, Mon. Vidhyarthini Sahitya Samellan - National Conference( Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, English)  
February 27,28 2015 Fri., Sat. 4 lectures delivered on "Research Methodology” by Prof. Jagdish Joshi, Director, Academic staff college, Ahmadabad ( Visiting fellow under SAP-DRS-Phase-III, UGC)  
March 16,17 2015 Mon, Tue. Guest lecture- "ADHUNIK Gujarati Kavita” by Head & Prof. Usha Upadhyay from Gujarat vidhyapith, Ahmadabad  
March 23 2015 Monday One day Interdisciplinary  National Seminar on "Pashchimanchal Bhartiya bhashani samkalin toonki varta sahityama stree" (Under SAP-DRS-Phase-III, UGC)  
March 31 2015 Tuesday Submission of Projects for M.A.I & II  
April 15,16 2015 Wed., Thur. Viva for M.A.-I
April  17 2015 Friday Viva  for M.A.-II  
April  18 2015 Saturday Maharshi Karve Jayanti  
May 5 2015 Tuesday Departmental Meeting  
May 6 2015 Wednesday Meeting with Ph.D. students  
May 11 2015 Monday Viva for Research M.A.II  
May 12 2015 Tuesday Internship Evaluation M.A.II  
May 15 2015 Friday Departmental Meeting